All-In Insurance

Deuces never lose' meme has given all of us poker players a good laugh at some point, but if you're the one holding aces, and deuces hits a two-outer on the river, now that ain't funny.

It's more like a rage-quit moment.

Well, no more do you have to keep the phrase 'Bad Beat' in your dictionary.

All that is required to never lose a hand? Just a flick of your finger to take out All-In Insurance, and the rest is history.

What the All-In Insurance has to Offer
  • Full coverage on the river

  • Multi-way All-In Protection

  • Multi-pot coverage

  • Coverage for chop cards

What do I need to do to protect what I'm about to win?
  1. Select (or not) the outs to exclude from coverage

  2. Slide the premium bar to your liking

  3. Check your payout (what you'll get), premium (what you put up), odds.

    • Payout = Premium x Odds

  4. Take out insurance with a gentle tab and wait for the next street in comfort

  • Insurance is not available for odds lower than 2

Details & Limitations
  • Insurance will be available if you are the sole favorite (by hand) to win the largest pot.

    • Insurance will additionally cover other smaller pots as long as you are the favorite for the relevant pots.

  • Up to 1/3 coverage on the turn, and full coverage available on the river.

  • Chop cards will be considered as outs.

  • If you remain as the pot favorite after taking out insurance on the turn, mandatory insurance will be taken out and you may be unable to exclude outs on the river.

  • A mandatory sub-insurance will be applied to all cards you exclude from your main insurance.

Say good-bye to WHAP, TILT, BAD BEAT emotes, or face-palming yourself, as long as you remember that All-In Insurance has your back!