Badge of Honor

  • Cherishdisplay, and boast your achievements with the new Badge of Honor.

  • Your greatest achievements on the felt will be added to your profile

  • A special graphic will embellish your avatar for everyone to see and appreciate.

How do I win a Badge?

Badges are awarded when you accomplish specific achievements, like the ones listed below:

(more badges and criteria will be added in the future)

World Series of Poker Online

Bracelet - Winner of official WSOP Online Bracelet event

Ring - Winner of official WSOP

Circuit Online Ring event

Asian Poker Tour Online

Lion Trophy - Winner of official APT Online Championship event

Trophy - Winner of official APT Online Trophy event

Ring - Winner of official APT Online Mini event

World Poker Tour Online

Trophy - Winner of official WPT

Online event

Battle of Malta Tournament

Ring - Winner of official Battle of Malta

Online Ring event

MILLION$ Series Events

Badge - Winner of
Super MILLION$ Event

Badge - Winner of
Global MILLION$ Event

Badge - Winner of

Badge - Winner of
High Roller 

GG Masters Tournament

Badge - Winner of

GGMasters event

Badges you have collected will be displayed in multiple places

  • Badges are shown on the Profile pop-up for other players to notice

  • Badges will also be shown on the Staking Profile section of PokerCraft.

  • Buyers will surely take note of these impressive achievements.

As an added bonus, your avatar will be decorated with a special border once you win a Badge.

Additional information

  • Only the 1st place finisher will be awarded a badge if a deal is made in tournaments

  • Badges will be awarded manually after the completion of a tournament so there can be a delay