Cowboy Hold'em

Bet on the Winner and become a Winner

The cowboy and the bull will play a heads-up poker game.

Players can bet on the winner for a 2.02x payout.

Players can also bet on chops for a much more lucrative 22x payout.

Click on the bet panel to post your bet

Predict hole cards

Bet on the cowboy or the bull’s hole cards.

Bet on Suited, Connectors, Pair, Suited Connectors, Pocket Aces for a max 100x payout.

(Hole card bets are for either the cowboy or the bull)

Guess the Winning Hand

Bet on the winning hand.

You can bet on all Hold’em card values and earn up to 248x.

Chopped hands will also be considered as winning hands.

Pro Advice

The betting panel will show the bets placed by the Supernova and the Master.

Learn from the experts and fine-tune your bets!

Predict hole cards

Expert with the longest streak
(3+ Win Streak)


The Winningest Winner
(Over 60% Win Rate)

Bets placed by the Supernova and the Master will be highlighted by fire and star icons.

How to Play