GGN Fishing 3D

Treasure Chest

Collect Treasure Keys by capturing fish.

Each Treasure Chest contains five treasure cards, which can be opened with 5 treasure keys.

Each card contains Free Shots; flip and earn them on the spot.

(Free Shots you can obtain from a Treasure Chest will be 20x ~ 500x of your average bets.)

Free Shot

There are four colors of Free Shots, which can be used in each relevant stage.

Free Shots are equal in value to coins, and capture rewards will be in coins.

All of your Free Shots will be automatically used before spending coins.

A unique shooting game where a shot could be worth 888 times more!

Fight and capture fish for huge rewards.

(*1 Coin = ¥1 = $0.14)

How to Play



Notice mood changes? Means you’re about to hit the jackpot!

Mini Jackpot

1.5% ~ 3%

Mega Jackpot

7.5% ~ 15%

Unique Features


Tired of targeting the same fish over and over again?

Pre-select the ones you want to catch.

Rapid Fire

Want to shoot faster than anyone else?

Double your firing rate with Rapid Fire.

Lost Soles

Feel like rewards aren't enough?

Capture Card Fish and play a card game, in which you can double-down up to five times, for rewards!

* (Winning 5 consecutive card games increases your rewards 32 times!)