Day 2

Monday Dec, 14

15:00 ET / 20:00 GMT

Day 2

Monday Dec, 7

13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT

Day 1A


Nov, 29

13:00 ET

18:00 GMT

Day 1B


Dec, 5

13:00 ET

18:00 GMT

Day 1C


Dec, 6

13:00 ET

18:00 GMT

Day 1


Dec, 13

15:00 ET

20:00 GMT


Satellites Schedule

  • $5,000,000+ guaranteed in Satellite Prizes. We are guaranteeing 500+ seats to the WSOP Main Event

  • Featured Daily Satellites. $50, $150, $400, and $1,050 buy-ins for all bankrolls.

  • Qualify from just $0.50. Make your Main Event dream come alive.



Do I have to provide my real name when registering for the WSOP Main Event on GGPoker?

Like the WSOP Online series on GGPoker this summer, players are required to register with real names. For WSOP historical record-keeping purposes and for televised contents, real names will be provided to WSOP and to the media. Real names will not be displayed on the poker client.

Can I play in both the WSOP Main Event and the WSOP Main Event?

No. The WSOP $10,000 buy-in Main Event is a freeze-out tournament. Players can only play one entry and must decide between GGPoker and

Will more than one WSOP bracelet be awarded?

No. The winner of the heads up championship match will be the only player to receive a WSOP Main Event bracelet. They will be awarded the official 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet.

What if I am unable to attend the live final table?

If you make the final table and cannot or do not want to attend, you may disqualify yourself from attending. You will then take the minimum amount of final table prize money (9th place).

What if a player tests positive for COVID-19 before or at the final table?

All players will undergo COVID testing. If they must withdraw from the final table, they will receive the minimum amount of prize money available at the time of withdrawal.

Is the $1,000,000 awarded to the heads up champion taken out of the prize pool?

No. The $1,000,000 prize awarded to the heads up champion is courtesy of Caesars Entertainment, Inc. and GGPoker.

Does the WSOP Main Event allow re-entry?

No, the WSOP Main Event will continue its tradition of being a freezeout. Players are allowed to play in only one of the three starting flights and may not re-enter if eliminated.

Is deal making permitted at the final table?

No. Deals are not permitted

I’m based in a country where play at GGPoker is not permitted; what can I do?

We cannot bend the rules regarding accepted jurisdictions during the WSOP Main Event, but if you are willing to relocate to an accepted country, even on a temporary basis, we can accommodate you!

I want to sell some of my action for the WSOP Main event; what is the maximum amount I can sell via the integrated staking feature? If I sell more than 50% of my action and win the event, do I still get the WSOP bracelet?

You can sell up to 90% of your action in any GGPoker tournament. No matter how much you sell – even if you offer 90% and it is bought by a single backer – if you win the WSOP Main Event, the bracelet (and the glory!) is yours alone.

What’s the policy on players winning multiple tickets to WSOP events from satellite?

If you win multiple WSOP event tickets from satellite, your unused tickets will be exchanged for T$ after the online day 2 is completed

I have WSOP tickets; when do they expire?

You can check the expiration date of any tickets in your account by logging into the GGPoker app and viewing your tickets in the My Page > Balance Status window. The expiration date of each ticket is clearly displayed.